Carolina Liar is an alternative band with a pop sound.  You might be more familiar with their music than you think - at least half the tracks on this album have been used on numerous TV Shows and commericals.  MTV’s “The Hills” helped put them on the map.

This is one of the few times in recent memory that I downloaded the album instead of singles or favorite tracks.  Well worth it.  Also one of the rare albums I listen to from start to finish, in its entiriety.  Great vocals, great lyrics, great music.  Really smart.  There isn’t a track on this album that I don’t love.  Isn’t it great when a new band hits a home run on their debut album?  Keep this up and Carolina Liar is headed for the big time!  I’m waiting for more singles to be released and hit the radio.  This album should be 3x platinum!

Carolina Liar is mostly frontman Chad Wolf and uber-producer Max Martin.  Wolf, a native of South Carolina who now lives in LA, teamed up with Martin and assembled a band of Swedish musicans.  Wolf has several co-writers with whom he collaborates (most work closely with Martin on other pop albums).  The result is music with great hooks and excellent production, that never skimps on meaningful lyrics.

The two hit singles, “I’m Not Over” (huge on alternative radio) and “Show Me What I’m Looking For (huge on Hot AC & on TV commercials) are superb.  Other standout tracks for me are “All That Shit is Gone” (my favorite and in some ways a better version of “Show Me What I’m Looking For”), “Simple Life,” “Done Stealing” and “When You Are Near.”